Board and Trustees

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body for the Foundation. The Board establishes policies and sets direction for the Foundation. The board meets three times a year. The NSHS Director, President and Secretary of the Society Board are ex-officio members of the Foundation Board.

 John Atkins
Rod Basler
Nancy E. Davis
Steve Guenzel
Kirk Jamison
F. William Karrer
Martin A. Massengale
Robert McFarland
Michael Nelson, President
Allison Petersen, Secretary
Ryan Sailer
Trixie Schmidt, Executive V.P.
L. Joe Stehlik
Sue Tricker, Treasurer
Carol Zink

Board of Trustees

These individuals help us secure private gifts and promote the Society and its activities, as well as provide personal support. The Trustees meet annually.

Dee Adams, Merna
Margaret Allington, Lincoln
Brian Allison, Lincoln
Janet Allison, Lincoln
Sue Arganbright, Valentine
John Atkins, Omaha
Sandy Bartling, Wayne
Deborah Basler, Lincoln
Rodney Basler, Lincoln
Robyn Bates, Lincoln
Rod Bates, Lincoln
Earlene Beatty, Omaha
James Beatty, Omaha
James Bellman, Lincoln
Ann Bleed, Lincoln
Peter Bleed, Lincoln
Edson Bridges, Omaha
Lance Bristol, Ansley
Rae Brown, Wayne
Richard Callaway, Fremont
Jack Campbell, Lincoln
Therese Campbell, Gretna
Denvia Capozio, Omaha
Clarey Castner, Lincoln
Anna Castner-Wightman, Omaha
Cloyd Clark, McCook
Virginia Coulter, Bridgeport
Jim Creigh, Omaha
Gene Crump, Lincoln
Jim Cudaback, Riverdale
Nancy Davis, Omaha
Robert Davis, Omaha
Spencer Davis, Bellevue
Vivian Davis, Bellevue
Allen Dayton, Lincoln
Don Dillon, Barefoot Beach, FL
Gerald Dimon, Lincoln
Kit Dimon, Lincoln
John Dittman, Lincoln
Donald N. Dworak, Columbus
Judy Dworak, Columbus
Ralph Eatinger, Thedford
Marva Ellwanger, Sidney
Lila Fiebig, Alliance
Marilyn Forke, Lincoln
Robin Forke, Lincoln
Kathleen C. Fowles, Grand Island
Tim Francis, Lincoln
Bruce Frasier, Omaha
Kira Gale, Omaha
Gretchen Garcia, Lincoln
Valarie Geisert, Ogallala
Kristine Gerber, Omaha
Charles M. Godwin, Lincoln
Vincent Goeres, Lincoln
Priscilla C. Grew, Lincoln
John Guenzel, Lincoln
Judy Guenzel, Lincoln
Steve Guenzel, Lincoln
George Haecker, Omaha
Thomas Harms, Omaha
James Harris, Lincoln
Bill Hayes, Lincoln
Shona Heim, Champion
Candy Henning, Lincoln
Fred Henninger, Omaha
Stephen P. Herman, Curtis
Margaret Hermes, Hastings
James Hewitt, Lincoln
Alice Holtz, Nebraska City
Daniel Holtz, Nebraska City
Judy Humiston, Grand Island
Jack Jackson, Omaha
Kirk Jamison, Lincoln
Susan Jacobs Johnson, Lincoln
Joel Johnson, Kearney
Julie Jorgenson, Roca
William F. Karrer, Omaha
Dianne Kennedy, Lincoln
Kay Kimberly, Big Springs
JoAnne Kissel, Lincoln
Tina Kitt, Wauneta
Janet Korell, McCook
Van Korell, McCook
Syd Kruse, Walthill
Liz Kuhlman, Lincoln
Micah Laaker, Mountain View, CA
Hugh Lau, Lincoln
David Levy, Omaha
Dave Ley, Wayne
Del Lienemann, Lincoln
Jan Lipovsky, Lincoln
Robbie Lonewolf, Walthill
LeRoy Louden, Ellsworth
SharonAnn Louden, Ellsworth
Andrew Loudon, Lincoln
Carol Maddux, Wauneta
Cyndy Maddux, Lincoln
Peter Maddux, Lincoln
Ed Malk, Lincoln
William R. Marsh, Hastings
Mark Maser, Omaha
Martin Massengale, Lincoln
Mary Ann May-Pumphrey, San Jose, CA
Donald McClure, Walton
Donna McClure, Walton
Robert McFarland, Grand Island
Cynthia Hardin Milligan, Lincoln
Robert S. Milligan, Lincoln
Mick Moriarty, Omaha
Robert Nefsky, Lincoln
Bryce Neidig, Madison
Christie Cater Nelson, Lincoln
Michael K. Nelson, Lincoln
James Nissen, Lincoln
David Oldfather, Kearney
Diane Oldfather, Lincoln
Connie Olsen, McCook
Marlene Orr, Lisco
Timothy Otto, Aurora
Judy Parks, Papillion
Ron Parks, Papillion
Allison Petersen, Walton
Christian Petersen, Lincoln
Dean L. Petersen, Lincoln
Carter Peterson, Wayne
James S. Pittenger, Jr., Lincoln
Cara Ellen Potter, Friend
Pam Price, Grand Island
Bob Ripley, Lincoln
Brad Rohrig, Omaha
Ryan Sailer, Lincoln
Greg Samuelson, Omaha
Bart Schaneman, Scottsbluff
Sheryl Schmeckpeper, Norfolk
Trixie Schmidt, Lincoln
Chuck Schroeder, Eagle
Mike Seacrest, Lincoln
Scott Semrad, Omaha
Bonnie Seyfer, Plattsmouth
Harland Seyfer, Plattsmouth
David Shoemaker, Lincoln
Karen Shoemaker, Lincoln
Ann Stebbins Sidles, Lincoln
Linda Smith, Lincoln
Pamela Snow, Ashland
Richard Snyder, Auburn
L. Joe Stehlik, Pawnee City
John Steinheider, Omaha
Gloria Strope, Lincoln
John Strope, Lincoln
Dennis Swanson, Bassett
Judy Thietje, Lincoln
Tim Thietje, Lincoln
Ed Tricker, Lincoln
Sue Tricker, Lincoln
Jean Holmquist Vincent, York
Rodney Walker, Omaha
John A. Walters, Lincoln
Anne Thorne Weaver, Omaha
Avery Woods, Lincoln
Janet Woolsoncroft, Lincoln
Charlie Wright, Lincoln
Dale Young, Lincoln
Carol Zink, Lincoln
Walter Zink II, Lincoln

Executive Committee

The Foundation’s Executive Committee is comprised of the President and 6 trustees elected by the Board of Directors who meet, as needed, to address any business before the Foundation that would require actions between board meetings.

Michael Nelson, President
Trixie Schmidt, Executive Vice President
Sue Tricker, Treasurer
Allison Petersen, Secretary
Carol Zink